At the Law Office of Sara Azari in Los Angeles, you will find a criminal defense attorney who is committed to protecting the rights of and aggressively pursuing justice for her clients. Sara Azari has successfully represented clients in a range of criminal cases in both state and federal courts.


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Drug crimes are considered serious crimes. Individuals convicted of drug crimes can face severe penalties, which can include suspended licenses, jail and lengthy prison terms, fines, probation, deportation, mandatory treatment programs, registration as a drug offender, and/or random drug testing.


Ms. Azari has successfully defended her clients facing drug charges in both state and federal courts. Cases involving drug charges often require aggressive litigation and the filing of search and seizure motions and other pre-trial motions, comprehensive cross-examination of police officers and informants both before and through trial, as well as a thorough investigation.


Through her extensive contacts in the Los Angeles-area drug and alcohol rehabilitation community, Ms. Azari is often able to negotiate alternative sentencing plans with the court that allow her clients to spend time in a treatment program in lieu of a sentence involving custody, so long as there is no evidence of sale and distribution. A person who successfully completes a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program can often obtain a case dismissal or reduced charges.


Anyone who has been charged anywhere in the United States with drug possession or drug trafficking should contact the Law Office of Sara Azari.


Drug Possession

Drug possession charges may be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the type and quantity of the illegal substance and whether there is evidence of intent to sell or distribute the drugs.  As of 2014, Prop 47 has reclassified certain drug possession offenses that were previously felonies to now misdemeanors.  

Some common misdemeanor drug offense charges include:


  • Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana (without intent to sell or distribute);

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia, such as bongs, pipes, rolling papers, and syringes (without intent to sell or distribute)

Felony drug possession charges include:

  • Possession of certain controlled substances, such as methamphetamine, GhB, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, and LSD;

  • Possession of more than one ounce of marijuana; and

  • Possession of marijuana on school property.


Possession of Drugs for Sale or Distribution;


Transportation of Drugs for Sale

Conspiracy to Sell or Distribute Drugs

Maintaining a Location to Store Drugs for Sale/Distribution

Individuals facing charges related to drug possession with intent to sell or distribute need zealous and effective legal representation to obtain a victory in the courtroom. In California, the possession of illegal drugs with the intent to sell is classified as a felony offense, and individuals convicted of this charge may be sentenced to several years in prison.  Any time an individual is found to be in possession of illegal drugs, law enforcement officers will investigate whether the drugs were for personal use or for sale. Evidence that can lead officers and the courts to believe that an individual had intent to sell include:


  • Weight of the substance;

  • Excessive amounts of cash and the denominations of the money;

  • Plastic baggies or other containers that can be used to hold drugs;

  • Scales or other measuring devices;

  • Cutting agents; and

  • Multiple cell phones, burner phones, or other communication devices.


If you live anywhere in the United States and have been charged with conspiracy to sell or distribute drugs and/or the sale or distribution of drugs in a federal district court, you require representation by an aggressive attorney specifically with experience in defending drug cases in the federal system. 


In many cases, case agents and police officers do not follow the proper search and seizure procedures that the law requires. Having successfully argued suppression motions in these instances, Ms. Azari has on numerous occasions assisted clients in avoiding a conviction where the evidence was illegally obtained. Ms. Azari will review the circumstances of your case and help you fight the charges towards the best possible outcome.