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At the Law Office of Sara Azari in Los Angeles, you will find a criminal defense attorney who is committed to protecting the rights of and aggressively pursuing justice for her clients. Sara Azari has successfully represented clients in a range of criminal cases in both state and federal courts.


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An individual who has been charged with a sex crime, requires the most comprehensive, decisive, and discreet representation from an aggressive lawyer committed to protecting your rights and your reputation. At the Law Office of Sara Azari, diligent preparation and a powerful courtroom presence characterize the defense provided by our experienced trial attorney, Ms. Azari.  


Most sex offenses are considered felonies and carry with them significant prison sentences and often, a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender. Ms. Azari has successfully defended numerous clients against charges of sex crimes, including those related to prostitution, child pornography, rape, and molestation.  

Sex-Registration Requirements – a “life” sentence

In most jurisdictions today, convictions for even the most minor offenses involving sexual or lewd conduct carry a statutory and mandatory requirement that the individual register as a sex-offender for the duration of his life.  


In most jurisdictions, individuals on the sex offender registry will appear on public lists and websites where they are identified by name, location, details of the conviction suffered, and photograph. Sex offender registration is a life sentence of stringent and invasive restrictions.  Therefore, registration requirements are often alleged to have been violated for mere oversights such as an alleged failure to provide a designated law enforcement agency with the individual’s change of address.  


A violation of sex registration requirements is in and of itself a felony charge that carries substantial time in prison in most jurisdictions.


In certain instances, Ms. Azari has been able to negotiate a limitation on the duration of this requirement whereby upon termination of the term of probation, the requirement would also terminate.  

Ms. Azari has also successfully vacated sex registration orders that were associated with lower level misdemeanor convictions suffered by clients with a strong record of rehabilitation and an otherwise law-abiding life.


Child Molestation /

Lewd Conduct with a Minor

Ms. Azari has effectively represented many clients who were facing serious felony charges of child molestation. Such cases present many legal complexities as well as a significant societal stigma. While many people want to believe that children who make molestation allegations against relatives or others are always being honest, the truth is that this is often not the case. Family dysfunctions amongst other motives may lead children to make false allegations, which alone, and without any physical evidence, are sufficient to destroy the life and take away the liberty of the accused. Ms. Azari is particularly skilled at handling the many difficult aspects of child molestation cases including the very comprehensive investigation that these matters require.


Child Pornography

The Internet has facilitated access to pornography amongst individuals of all ages. While the possession or viewing of most adult pornography is legal for individuals of appropriate age, the possession and/or distribution of pornographic material that depicts or exploits minors is vigorously prosecuted under increasingly stringent federal and state laws. Charges related to child pornography are serious, and the consequences of conviction are even more so. Child pornography charges resulting from the use of the Internet are more frequently filed in federal court. 


Individuals facing charges involving child pornography need an aggressive lawyer experienced in defending such accusations to represent them. Convictions for crimes against children, such as the possession or distribution of child pornography, carry some of the harshest sentences, and state and federal law enforcement agencies are developing new technologies and tactics to crack down on Internet sex offenders. Ms. Azari has the resources and experience necessary to refute false allegations of such misconduct from investigation through trial.


Additionally, the following are also common sex offenses charged in California and in federal district courts:


  • Computer Sex Crimes

  • Possession, Distribution, and/or Receipt of Child Pornography

  • Online Solicitation (of Minor) for Sex – also known as a “To Catch a Predator” charge

  • Prostitution & Solicitation 

  • Lewd and Disorderly Conduct


Rape & Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is the use of actual or threatened physical force to coerce another person into engaging in unwanted sexual activities. The laws pertaining to sexual assault are severe and convictions can carry serious penalties including long prison sentences as well as the life-time requirement of registration as a sex offender.


Defined by California law as non-consensual sexual intercourse, rape is often the culmination of a violent or threatening sexual assault.  There are different forms of rape, including:


  • Stranger Rape: forced sexual intercourse in which the attacker is an individual unknown to the victim.


  • Acquaintance or Date Rape: forced sexual intercourse with someone known to the attacker, often occurring during a date or other social engagement.


  • Statutory Rape: sexual intercourse with a person between the ages of 14 and 18 years.  Charges of statutory rape can be filed even if intercourse was consensual.


  • Spousal Rape: forced sexual intercourse with a spouse.



To prove a rape charge (with the exception of statutory rape), the prosecution must establish that intercourse was performed without the consent of the alleged victim. Because evidence demonstrating consent, or the lack thereof, is insubstantial at best, rape crimes are often cases of "he said, she said," with the accused having to present evidence to refute the allegations. If you are investigated for a sex crime, or merely contacted by a detective of law enforcement agent regarding allegations of sexual misconduct made against you, you must immediately seek counsel.


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