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Individuals often make the mistake of hiring a criminal defense attorney irrespective of that attorney’s lack of familiarity, knowledge and experience in the federal criminal justice system. Very few attorneys in the Los Angeles area have the requisite skills, experience and reputation to successfully defend individuals accused of federal crimes. The procedures and laws in a federal case are far different than a case charged under state laws. The stakes and consequences of a conviction are far greater. Individuals accused of a federal crime should use the utmost prudence when choosing the right lawyer to represent them. 


Ms. Azari is one of a select number of attorneys in California who offer quality representation to their clients in both the local courts as well as federal district and circuit courts across the nation. She brings, to every case, what that case specifically requires. She provides her clients with the professional referrals and resources that are necessary to the defense in each case. From investigators, experts, and mental health professionals, not every resource is appropriate for all cases and clients. Ms. Azari evaluates each case individually and provides her clients with the resources that are most suitable for each client and the circumstances of their case.  

When accused of a crime, you need an experienced attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and your good name remains intact. Sara Azari is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who provides aggressive representation in a wide range of criminal matters.

The best time to contact a criminal defense attorney is as soon as you contemplate whether you need to consult with one.  



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