At the Law Office of Sara Azari in Los Angeles, you will find a criminal defense attorney who is committed to protecting the rights of and aggressively pursuing justice for her clients. Sara Azari has successfully represented clients in a range of criminal cases in both state and federal courts.


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In many instances where Ms. Azari has represented an individual early on in the legal process, she has been able to swiftly conduct an investigation and provide a presentation to the law enforcement and prosecutorial agency involved towards avoiding the filing of any criminal charges. She has also successfully negotiated a reduction of the charges to be filed in similar instances when a client has retained representation with the Law Office of Sara Azari immediately upon learning about their criminal exposure.


The sooner you contact Ms. Azari; the more options may be available to you for avoiding or minimizing criminal liability.


With years of experience successfully defending clients accused of criminal wrongdoing, Ms. Azari understands your criminal case in the context of the applicable laws and our criminal justice system. By immediately investigating the allegations and circumstances in a case, Ms. Azari is able to strategize your defense even before charges are filed in some instances. 


Ms. Azari’s pre-filing intervention practices has allowed several of her clients to avoid filing of serious charges such as rape in Los Angeles Superior Court, and tax evasion in the federal court system amongst several other instances of pre-filing dismissals and diversion of charges involving violent offenses, sex crimes, as well as white collar offenses.