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ADMINISTRATIVE LAW (Professional License Defense)

Ms. Azari provides continued representation to those of her clients who are licensed professionals by defending them before state administrative boards and departments seeking to revoke their professional license and/or impose other disciplinary measures that drastically impact the client’s career and livelihood.  Ms. Azari has successfully represented professionals following a criminal conviction before the following agencies:

CA State Board of Vocational Nursing
CA Deptartment of Consumer Affairs
CA Department of Health/Human Services
CA Department of Insurance
CA Department of Real Estate
CA State Board of Registered Nursing
Dental Board of California
Medical Board of California

Obtaining a professional degree or license requires extensive education, cost and effort. Losing a professional license often means losing one’s reputation and career. Individuals who are accused or arrested of a crime and hold a professional license issued by a state board or agency will find themselves facing an administrative complaint seeking to impose discipline related to the alleged unlawful conduct.  


While the criminal and administrative matters may stem from the same conduct and events, they are separate and independent of one another. And although the state agency can proceed with filing a complaint for discipline even if the court case is dismissed or the professional is found not guilty by verdict, the criminal proceedings and the related investigation and discovery of the evidence in that case may very well negatively impact the administrative proceedings. As such, a professional facing criminal charges must be represented by an experienced and compassionate attorney who can align the interests and reconcile the inconsistent issues in the two related but separate matters. 


A mere arrest and certainly a criminal conviction will often present devastating consequences on an individual’s right to practice in his or her profession. If you are facing criminal charges and/or have been contacted by any state board or agency seeking to interview you, your professional license may very well be in jeopardy. You should decline to make any statements whatsoever as they may incriminate you not only in the administrative case, but also in the criminal matter if/when charges are filed. Even if criminal charges are never filed, the mere allegations of unlawful conduct trigger an investigation by the state agency, which in turn may lead to a finding or wrongdoing and a recommendation of discipline or license suspension or revocation. 

A licensed professional herself, Sara Azari appreciates the value of a professional license and the impact of its revocation on an individual’s ability to make a living. As a result of her aggressive and tireless work on behalf of her clients, Ms. Azari has provided invaluable legal representation to her professional clients and in many cases assisted them in avoiding suspension or revocation of their professional licenses.


If you are investigated or have been charged with any violation of the rules and regulations governing your professional license, immediately contact the Law Office of Sara Azari for a comprehensive consultation.

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